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pushing the boundaries in retail storytelling: we invite you to experience a curated selection of progressive contemporary brands. bringing worlds together through sports, fashion, art and music, creating a fully immersive environment for like-minded people.

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Title Mtb die progressive Marke von Brett Rheeder.

"At first, Title wasn’t a brand; it was just a small idea. I needed components that could handle the abuse of freeriding at the highest level. Since I wasn’t excited about the options that were available to me, I decided to design the parts myself. The idea progressed from producing a handlebar with clean styling into sketches and prototypes of stems, saddles, seatposts and eventually wheels." ~ Brett Rheeder

Why Title? ~ We are allways looking for that extra in Products and lets face it who´s knows better how to make amazing products if not the riders themselfe?! - ridelike.de